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Technical diving in Lanzarote

spirit of exploration with technical diving in Lanzarote

technical diving Lanzarote

Join our dive team for the adventure of technical diving in Lanzarote. The island offer’s huge benefits and attractions for either qualified “techies” or people wishing to learn. At Diveyourway Lanzarote we run a series of solution for techical diving and courses with either TDI or GUE.
Diveyourway Lanzarote runs TDI courses inhouse and we offer GUE courses in cooperation with their instructors at our dive base. For qualified technical divers we offer a range of gases and trimixes, equipment rental and guides/buddies to cater for any level/type of dive that you want to do. Lanzarote also offers an all year destination for European diving.
Tech diving is not for everyone, but you will find it both rewarding and challenging if you wish to pursue this style of diving!

technical facts

  1. All year diving, a great winter escape for tech with water temperatures in January at 17°c.
  2. With deep walls it is possible to shore entry and still dive to +100m.
  3. Black coral forests and unexplored caves below 50m.
  4. Negates open water decompression, deco can be made following the bottom profile.
  5. Access to all standard gas bottom and decompression mixes and our facility allows custom blending.
  6. Tech equipment to rent.
  7. All staff tech qualified.
  8. Full logistics available through our dive centre.

Lanzarote, your all year techncial diving destination

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technical diving| click the links to find out more information

TDI courses

Technical Diving International (TDI) claims to be the largest technical diving certification agency in the world, and one of the first agencies to offer mixed gas and rebreather training. TDI specializes in more advanced Scuba diving techniques, particularly diving with rebreathers and use of breathing gases such as trimix and heliox. TDI trained divers have explored wrecks that are usually considered beyond the recreational range, such as the Andrea Doria as well as cave diving in Spain, Australia, Florida, Czech Republic and Mexico and assisting as support divers on world record freedives done in the Red Sea.

advanced nitrox diver |4 dives 3 days | €460

The TDI Advanced Nitrox Course qualifies divers to use enriched air nitrox from EAN 21 through EAN 100 to a depth of 40 metres/130 feet during dives hat do not require staged decompression. Often taught in conjunction with the TDI Decompression Procedures course, this can be considered the foundation of your technical diving career. Advanced Nitrox is also a great course for those wanting to extend their bottom times in shallower depths such as scientific diver, and a must for SCR or CCR divers. The course cover topics like • Equipment requirements • Dive planning • Oxygen tracking • Blending methods You will use the TDI Advanced Nitrox Diving manual for your course, which explains in an easy to understand practical manner the complex information that Advanced Nitrox divers need to know
Prerequisite: Open water diver
Price: gases and material | equipment hire not included | certification not included

decompression procedures diver |4 dives 3 days | €460

As sport divers planned decompression is not something that we do or have been taught. The TDI Decompression Procedures course prepares you for planned staged decompression diving. With a maximum operating depth of 45m/150 feet, this course is your first step beyond the normal sport diving limits. Your TDI Instructor will provide you with valuable information and skills, among the topics covered are • Kit set-up • Equipment requirements • Decompression techniques • Decompression breathing gases • Gas management • Contingency planning The TDI Decompressions Procedures course combined with the TDI Advanced Nitrox course form the foundation of all other technical courses. After these two courses and some additional experience, the stage has been set for you to move onto additional technical levels. Some of the materials you will be using include the TDI Divers Guide to Decompression Procedures, US Navy or Buhlmann Air Decompression Tables.
Prerequisite: Open water diver
Price: gases and material | equipment hire not included | certification not included

GUE courses

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is a scuba diving organization that provides education within recreational, technical and cave diving. It is a not-for-profit, membership organization, based in High Springs, Florida, United States. GUE was formed by Jarrod Jablonski and gained early prominence in association with the success of its well known Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP), which now has the status of a non-profit affiliate of GUE. Jarrod Jablonski, President of GUE, promoted the ideas of "Hogarthian" gear configuration and the "Doing It Right" (DIR) system of diving to a global audience.Following WKPP's introduction in 1995 of a standardized approach to gear configuration and diving procedures, there was a significant reduction in diving incidents within the Woodville Karst Plain cave system. The standardized approach is the basis of the diver training program of GUE, marking an important difference from the programs of other diver training organizations. GUE also focuses on protecting the maritime environment. The most popular GUE course is GUE Fundamentals, which is designed to introduce the GUE system to non-GUE divers and is the pathway to technical courses. Further courses are offered in recreational, technical and cave diving, as well as instructor courses

Upcoming GUE courses

At Diveyourway Lanzarote we host GUE instructors to make courses using our facilities and are the only dive centre in the Canary Islands to offer this service. As GUE requirement are strict, please check the following link for prerequisites and further information about them. Diveyourway Lanzarote will help you organize everything on the ground here for accommodation, car hire, transfers or anything else that you may need. Spaces on GUE courses are limited so contact us soon.

GUE Tech-1

27th July-1st August 2014
Puerto Calero
inst: John Kendall
duration: 6 days
GUE instructor John Kendall

icon calendar 27th July 2014 till the 1st August 2014
We have teamed up with English GUE instructor John Kendall to run a TECH-1 course here in Puerto Calero from the 27th July till the 1st August 2014.
The Course outline:
GUE tech 1 course is structured to prepare divers for the rigors of technical diving and to familiarize them with the use of different breathing and decompression mixtures. Training focuses on expanding the fundamental skills learnt and is designed to cultivate, integrate and expand the essential skills required for safe technical diving. In this class students are trained in i) the use of double tanks and potential problems ii) use of nitrox for accelerated and general decompression strategies iii) use of helium to minimize narcosis iv) application of single decompression stage diving. The class will focus on the use of nitrox and trimix breathing gases for dives down to 51m.
John Kendall:
John Kendall is one of only two GUE technical instructors and the only GUE cave instructor based in the UK. John travels the world teaching a range of GUE recreational, technical and cave classes.
John first became involved with GUE in 2003 after taking part in one of the very first GUE courses to be run in the UK. Putting his GUE training into practice as an active member of the DIR-UK exploration team, John joined the ranks of the GUE elite by becoming a GUE Fundamentals instructor in 2006 and later a GUE Tech-1 instructor in 2009. More recently, John has achieved his greatest ambition - to share his love of cave diving and the wonders of underwater caves as a GUE Cave-1 instructor.
John is proud to be involved in the on-going development of the GUE Recreational programme. John teaches classes around the world, as well as arranging experience trips for anyone interested in GUE diving. John has also been active in growing the GUE community in Finland.
As well as being a passionate advocate of GUE, John is also an active dive explorer in his own right. When he's not teaching, John can be found exploring some of the world's most exciting dive destinations - from the phreatic cave systems of France, Florida and Mexico to flooded mines in Finland and the deep wrecks that lie off the coast of the UK, Malta and Egypt. John loves nothing more than sharing his adventures with others - particularly non-divers - through the high definition video he captures on many of his dives.
Since first learning to dive in 1993, John has travelled around the world diving and teaching. As an active technical and cave diver, he has been involved in a number of high profile diving projects - from support diving with the WKPP on their record breaking cave traverse to archaeological diving in the channel

If you are a GUE instructor looking for a location to run courses contact Ilya now for further information, we have all the logistics to hold the courses


Wing, Harness, 2 X Back Gas Regulators €15 | €20 per dive | per day
Wing and Harnes (HALCYON) €10 | €15 per dive | per day
2 X Back Gas Regulators (APEKX) €10 | €15 per dive | per day
Oxygen clean stage/deco Regulator (APEKX) €5 | €7 per dive | per day
Set of Doubles with Manifold ( 2X12L ) €10 | €15 per dive | per day
Stage/Deco Tanks ( 5,7 L / S40) €5 | €7 per dive | per day
Stage/Deco Tanks (11,1 L / S80) €5 | €7 per dive | per day
Tanks for Dry Suit Inflation System (0,85/1,5L) €3 | €5 per dive | per day
JETFINS “SCUBAPRO” ( Spring Heels ) €3 | €5 per dive | per day
Digital Bottom Timers (SCUBAPRO) €3 | €5 per dive | per day
Drysuit SANTI e-motion €20 | €30 per dive | per day
GAS PRICES 5l 11-12l2x12l
air €5 €10
nitrox32 €7 €16
nitrox50 €11 €21
triox30/30 €90
trimix21/35 €90
trimix18/45 €115
oxygen €40 €80
custom mix tba tba tba

The gas prices are subject to change. In the case of diving with a guide/instructor the total gas cost is the responsibility of the customer.

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