qualified SCUBA diver at Playa Chica with the Diveyourway team

Some of the Atlantic Ocean's best dive sites are here on Lanzarote, join our dive centre and explore !

diving Lanzarote

Lanzarote has a few secrets to discover and one of them is the natural beauty that exists underwater. Our biggest feedback from SCUBA divers is that they never expected the diving to be so good; with many different species of fishes and fauna that can be encountered. With plenty of different dive sites to keep the dive addict happy, from deep walls, caves and wrecks, come and join us at the Diveyourway centre to explore. From our dive centre in Puerto Calero we are lucky to be in very each reach of not only the top dive sites, but also to have very experienced instructors to guide you around the dive sites. Lanzarote is more than rocks and camels, SCUBA will really show you the most beautiful part of the island.

SCUBA groups | Dive centre’s:
If you are organizing a group or SCUBA club trip to Lanzarote, contact us directly: we can do all the heavy work for you in regard to organizing accommodation, car hire, transfers and we make great deals on diving.

a divers view

“These guys do not chuck you into large groups to max out profit. Instead you will appreciate their excellent local knowledge, patient instruction and attention to safety. They know which rock and crevice the interesting sea life is hiding behind! Don't miss Felix the friendly grouper if you dive at playa Chica! Look out for the moray eel next to the cathedral. I felt so confident on the first dive with Andy, I decided to do the photography and dry specialities. I am so glad I did. These were the 9 best dives I have ever had! Thanks Ilya and Andy! If I am in Lanzarote again I will definitely come back to diveyourway! Hope to see you again! Thanks! Darren!”
Darren, Zurich, Switzerland
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Lanzarote offers a huge diversity of dive sites for the SCUBA addict

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SCUBA diving Lanzarote| click the links to find out more information

SCUBA diving at the Caesar dive site Lanzarote the dive centre »
PADI dive courses for qualified SCUBA divers dive sites »
one of our dive centre trainee's at Playa Chica dive courses »
diver at Lanzarotes best dive site prices | booking »
a frequent sight at Lanzarote's dive sites, an octopus information icon

Octo-facts: Warning SEX KILLS,the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris) is renowned as being one of the most intelligent creatures in the ocean (and selecting world cup winners!), however romance is not their friend. A male octopi will die a few months after mating (reason unknown) and the females die of starvation after their eggs have hatched...

the dive centre

Our dive centre is located at the prestigious Hesperia Hotel in the modern marina village of Puerto Calero (approximately 5km from Puerto del Carmen), however we provide free of charge transfers from hotels and villa’s around the island. The centre has toilets, classroom, office, kit area, service area and a variety of dive kit for sale. If you have a non diving partner they are more than welcome to stay and relax at the hotel whilst we are off exploring. The dive centre is open from 8am till 6pm from Monday to Saturday all year round; we do also operate on Sunday by booking only. We operate a maximum of 4 dives per day, the morning departures at 9:00am and 11:00am, the afternoon at 3:00pm and also night dives (the departure of night dives depends on the season).
Unique to us in the Canary Islands are the Seabob; a hybrid underwater propulsion vehicle, SANTI drysuits; the leader in stay dry diving and Keco dive light systems and torches.

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where we are

Diveyourway SCP
Hesperia Hotel
Puerto Calero

Opening times (Mon-Sat): 0800 - 1800
Sundays: by appointment

Ilya, the dive centre manager and technical instructor. facebook icon

Connect with Ilya via facebook

dive centre manager | Technical diving

Instructor from: 1997
Nationality: Russian
Languages: English | Russian | Spanish
Dives: +5000
Certifications: +1200
Qualification: PADI Staff instructor, PADI DeepTec, TDI instructor, DAN instructor, GUE fundamentals technical.
Background: After years of experience working on sailing ships all over the world, and working as a sports teacher with young athletes, Ilya founded Diveyourway looking for a new challenge.
No matter what your level in diving is, Ilya will always try to bring out the best in you. Ilya’s passions are for underwater photography and technical diving, particularly GUE (Global underwater Explorers); and he has invested into the dive centre to provide facilities for the GUE divers including standard gases and technical equipment. Ilya also organizes GUE courses from the Diveyourway centre, you can check here for upcoming courses and more information about tech diving Lanzarote.

Andy, our dive centre's head of PADI recreational training facebook icon

Connect with Andy via facebook

Recreational training

Instructor from: 1995
Nationality: English
Languages: English | Italian
Dives: +7000
Certifications: +1500
Qualification: PADI Master instructor, PADI DeepTec, IANTD Normoxic Trimix, IANTD full Trimix, CCR Powerbreathe Infinito instructor trainer.
Background: With 18 years of professional diving behind him, Andy has worked all over the globe teaching and working as a dive manager. From the North Sea to the South Pacific, Andy has pretty much dedicated himself to being a professional in the business and has been teaching here in Lanzarote for over 2 years with a passion for introducing novices to the underwater world. Not only a walking encyclopedia about the ocean and it’s marine inhabitants particularly sharks, he was been responsible for teaching pop stars, models, actors and formula one drivers and has more dive stories than Jacques Cousteau.

dive safety DAN Europe logo

At diveyourway our primary concern is for your safety and enjoyment, and we are committed to following our safety guidelines for the benefit of all that dive with us:-
Dive group ratio: Our maximum dive ratio is 4 divers to 1 guide, we do not throw you into a large group; we also split dive groups based on experience and certification level so everyone has the best dive possible.
Professional staff: our instructors are seasoned dive professionals, with many thousands of dives and also thousands of certifications in recreational and technical diving; these are the guys that make your dive fun and safe. Our staff also listens to you, so let us know what you would like to do and what you feel comfortable to do.
link icon For more information check out our profiles.
Equipment: Our equipment is top of the range stock and is serviced and maintained regularly to keep it performing at its best. On dive excursions we also bring first aid, rescue equipment and emergency oxygen. We also offer nitrox for diving available in standard 28% or 32%, if you are not qualified do not worry, take the PADI Eanx course.
Insurance: Here in the Canary Islands, it is mandatory that anyone undertaking SCUBA diving has insurance for the activity; please check your holiday policy to see if it is included. If not we are able to cover you on a daily or weekly basis with DAN, prices starting from €5,50 per diving day.
Diving within limits: Please be advised that for safety we dive groups inside their qualification limits, which means we do not take unqualified divers dangerously deep or into decompression. If you want to make deeper dives please consider either the PADI deep diver specialty or our TDI technical courses. We do this for your safety, please do not ask us to be stupid!
Gases: At Diveyourway we use a state of the art Bauer b-Tox compressor banking system that is serviced and maintained to the highest specification giving very clean breathing air. We can also provide any mix required for either SCUBA or technical diving, standard mixes available or we can custom blend for you.
Safety beings with you: if you have not dived for more than 6 months and relatively inexperienced diver, do not jump directly in at the deep end, your first dive should be an update, with an extended briefing from our staff and then a gentle first dive to get you “back in the saddle” and comfortable underwater. Ask our team for more information.

dive equipment

Our dive hire kit available from the dive centre

Diveyourway stocks some of the best rental equipment that you could expect to find in a dive centre. The fact is now many people do not travel with dive kit due to the limitations of baggage weight on flights, however we will provide you with top quality serviced and maintained dive kit for your holiday. We also stock a range of equipment for sale, so take advantage of the low tax in the Canary Islands to get a bargain.
We also offer a range of diving gases, from air to standard Eanx, to technical mixes such as trimix and pure oxygen.
We are also a demo centre for SANTI drysuits and Keco dive light systems, so have a try of these great products when you dive with us.


diving Lanzarote in a SANTI drysuit

We are the only dive centre in the Canary Islands that rent drysuits for diving. As the sole distributor for SANTI drysuits, join Ilya and dive in one of the best suits on the market today, the e-motion. Please be advised that to hire drysuits it is required that you have the necessary certification/training, otherwise we can make an introduction course for you (either as recreational or technical setup).
link iconWe also sell the drysuits, please follow this link to find out more information.

dive conditions in Lanzarote

Diving in Lanzarote is primarily made on the southern and eastern coasts, the western side of the island faces into the prevailing winds and is generally too rough to dive ( but attracts many surfers and kiters). Based from Puerto Calero we have a perfect location to access all the top dive sites in the area, most within 15 minutes by boat from our marina. One of the great things about diving here is the proximity to deep water, which gives great possibilities for chance encounters with large marine animals, such as tuna, sun fish and the very occasional Manta ray or whale; and a huge amount of reef fishes that we encounter on every dive.
Diving is also 12 months of the year on the island, with excellent conditions during the winter, with the water temperature falling to a lowest of 17 °c, and the air temperature still warm at an average of 18 °c.
Below we have listed 5 of our favourite dive sites on the island, it is not a definite list of all the sites in Lanzarote. We have deliberately left off the list Playa Chica and there are another 14 sites that we regularly visit, however these sites are off the beaten track and avoid the crowds, which is one of the benefits of diving with us.

Our top 5 Lanzarote dive sites

1- TWIN GATES Our favourite dive site, Twin Gates on Playa Grande Lanzarote

Distance from centre:
10 minutes by boat
Depth range:
deep 30-40m shallow 5m

Twin gates get its name from 2 swim through’s that lie at either end of the dive profile. Being relatively deep, it is advised only for advanced level and upwards and an excellent site for deep diver training. A spectacular dive; very close to deep water for the opportunity to see larger pelagic fishes, Angel sharks, large stingrays and thorny rays. The reef is abound with beautiful cupped anemones and a multitude of reef fishes.

2- BARRANCO del QUIQUERE The Barranco del Quiquere dive site in Lanzarote

Distance from centre:
5 minutes by boat
Depth range:
all inc. snorkeling

Barranco del Quiquere is an exceptional dive that can be explored by any level diver. The dive is made with the slight current and can only be made by boat. The site was a fantastic cliff face that starts at about 16m and we normally follow this for the first part of the dive. The shrimp cave (video link) is amazing, check the video that Ilya took a few weeks ago. The site is generally very good for all types of rays and angel sharks, schools of Barracuda’s and tuna’s.

3- CAESAR Orange coral is rare to see on most sites in Lanzarote

Distance from centre:
10 minutes by boat
Depth range:
all inc. snorkeling

Caesar (named not after the Emperor, but rather a night club on the main strip) is another must do dive. The profile is to run on the 16-30m dropoff wall, which is full of small caves that is home to some spectacular moray eels, large groupers and the near extinct Canary Island Lobster. Another resident on the wall is the Trumpet fish, they need to be seen to be believe but is regarded as one of the reef’s greatest predators. The dive finishes in shallow water investigating a series of pinnacles that have octupuses, cuttlefishes and moray eels.

4- HOME REEF SCUBA diving from shore at the Hesperia Hotel Lanzarote

Distance from centre:
Depth range:
all inc. snorkeling

Muck diving at its best. Shore diving from the resort is a relative jewel for both the novice and experienced diver. The dive offers up many treasures from large barracuda schools, baby stingrays, seahorses (normally we have 4 to 5 resident), frog fishes and many juvenile species. A great dive were going slow and exploring really pays off, and we can max out the dive time.

5- CHARCO DEL PALO on the northern coast of Lanzarote the dive sites are a shore entry from Charco del Palo

Distance from centre:
35 minutes by vehicle
Depth range:
all inc. snorkeling
sites subject to weather

Charco del Palo is up on the north east coast of the island and has 3 fantastic dive sites. The topography of the sites are very different to ones close to us, with long lava channels that finger their way to the depths inter dispersed with white sand. The variation of marine life is huge, from large pelagic to our usual reef inhabitants. The site also has some impressive swim through’s and caves that can be investigated..

PADI dive courses The PADI logo

Take the next step and continue your diver education with our experienced instructors at Diveyourway. We offer a range of PADI and TDI courses to expand a divers knowledge and experience of SCUBA, and also to initiate interests in special areas of diving with a sound theoretical and practical structure. Below are a list of courses that you can take with us:

advanced open water |5 dives 3 days | €350

The advanced program builds on the open water course and is designed to give novice divers experience and additional knowledge in a structured 5 dive course in specialty areas. The mandatory dives are deep (30m) and navigation, and 3 elective dives that can include photograph, DPV, night, search and recovery, wreck, boat etc.
Prerequisite: Open water diver
Price: includes certification and material | equipment hire not included

rescue diver | 4 days | €440

This is the course that most divers find the most rewarding, the rescue diver is designed to teach and evolve a mindset of safety and rescue in divers. The course takes approximately 4 days and a total of 12 in water skills training sessions/evaluations.
Prerequisite: EFR certification or another first aid certificate includes CPR and use of defibulators.
Price: includes certification and material | equipment hire not included

divemaster | 7 days | €680

During the PADI Divemaster program, you learn dive leadership skills through both classroom and independent study. You complete water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that stretch your ability to organize and solve problems as well as help others improve their scuba. You put this knowledge into action through a structured internship or series of practical training exercises. As you progress through your Divemaster course, you’ll expand your diving knowledge, hone you skills and increase your confidence. Then, as a PADI Divemaster, you’ll use these attributes to lead, mentor and motivate other divers and experience the joy of seeing them transformed by the majesty of the aquatic realm.
DIVEMASTER INTERNSHIP: It is possible to conduct the Divemaster course as an internship with the staff here at the dive centre. Please contact us directly for more information.
Prerequisite: start course 20 logged | dives for certification 60 | Rescue Diver level | medical.
not included in price: registration with PADI | equipment hire not included | course material

PADI specialties | 2-4 dives | € various

The specialty ratings are theoretical and practical dive experience course based in a particular area of diving and we offer a huge variety for you to participate in. Take a PADI specialty on your next holiday, either to increase your dive skills or to pursue a personal interest.

PADI specialties price info
shark diver €150,00 2 dives | open water diver
underwater navigator €210,00 3 dives | open water diver
underwater photographer €150,00 2 dives | open water diver
night diver €240,00 3 dives | open water diver
peak performance buoyancy €150,00 2 dives | open water diver
search and recovery €270,00 4 dives | advanced
multilevel diver €180,00 2 dives | open water diver
Enriched Air (nitrox) €180,00 2 dives | open water diver
deep diver €270,00 4 dives | advanced
wreck diver €270,00 4 dives | advanced
diver propulsion vehicle €180,00 2 dives | open water diver
EFR first aid CPR €150,00 non diving

Prerequisite: some specialties require advanced open water
price: certification with PADI | equipment hire not included


Below is a full price list for our diving, equipment rent and other rental items.
To simplify the pricing, please send us a query and we will get back to you with the prices and any further information that you require. Reserve your place on our dive boat today by contacting us and we will process your reservation.
contact us now

single dive €32,00 includes tank, weights, guide | shore based
two consecutive dives €56,00 includes tank, weights, guide | shore based
pack 6 dives €168,00 includes tank, weights, guide | shore based
pack 10 dives €250,00 includes tank, weights, guide | shore based
SUPPLEMENTS price info
boat dive €7,00 supplement per dive
night dive €10,00 shore based | inc torch
Standard Nitrox €5,00 per fill | 28% or 32%
GEAR RENTAL price info
full gear €15,00 | €20,00 per dive | per day price
bcd only €5,00 | €7,00 per dive | per day price
regulator only €5,00 | €7,00 per dive | per day price
wetsuit only €5,00 | €7,00 per dive | per day price
mask, snorkel, fins €5,00 | €7,00 per dive | per day price
computer €5,00 | €7,00 per dive | per day price
torch €5,00 | €7,00 per dive | per day price
digital camera €15,00 | €20,00 per dive | per day price
dpv (seabob) €60,00 per dive
drysuit (santi e-motion) €20,00 | €30,00 per dive | per day price
INSURANCE with DAN price info
per day €5,50
2 days €10,00 has to be consecutive days
7 days €13,00
1 year €34,00

Diveyourway SCP
Hesperia Hotel
Puerto Calero

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