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Diveyourway was started in 2008 by Ilya with a dedication to provide a dive service catered to customer satisfaction, education and safety rather than profits. Based in the idyllic modern marine village of Puerto Calero, the foundation of the companies principles where to provide the best service possible in regard to all areas of our business to divers and non divers alike.
Now 6 years later, the company remains true to their original beliefs, a small professional dive unit working with small dive groups to retain enjoyment and safety to our customers.
Our companies commitment to divers and students policy includes:

Our core staff members are “professional SCUBA and TECHNICAL” divers, each with many thousands of dives and diver certifications, they lead through example of experience and knowledge. Our staff are not on holiday, they are there for you with the objective to provide you with knowledge and safety; but also to make your dives fun.
The focus is you attitude:
We understand that people are on holiday, and all our schedules are flexible so we adjust to what you want to do at what time. We are there to support you, not the other way around.
We provide for top rental equipment to provide you with comfort and safety. Diveyourway has also invested heavily into unique products not available at other dive centres on Lanzarote: for example we are the only centre that hires drysuits for diving.
We have also invested into specific equipment for technical diving particularly to support GUE divers with standard gases, technical equipment for rent and purchase. Also we host GUE courses on a regular basis at our centre with a variety of internationally recognized instructors.
We want you to discover the best of diving in Lanzarote and offer access to all dive sites on the island by using primarily boats rather than vehicles.
We operate low ratio dive groups and courses to maximize safety and diver enjoyment, not profits.
We run all courses at a maximum ratio of 2:1 (unless requested by the students), which allows you the time and attention from our staff to not only learn diving but also to make the process fun and safe. Our staff commit time, knowledge and experience into the courses that they run, and in return this produces safe and confident novice divers.
All diver educational courses are ran to the standards and procedures required by the training agency, we do not cut corners.
Diveyourway is a fully legal dive centre as per the requirements of the Canary Islands legislation.

We look forward to diving with you soon

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